5htp making transition from anti-depressant to weight loss aid

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5htp has been receiving a lot of press since being featured on the Doctor Oz TV show, but it has long been recognized as a potential weight loss aid. Even before hitting the weight loss market, it was used as a natural mood enhancer. It’s not a difficult connection; people eat when they are upset, so anything which stabilizes a person’s mood is likely to help.

Assuming that fact, there are two types of ingredient common to diet pills and natural supplements for healthy weight management. First is a metabolism booster, such as green tea or just caffeine. These cause the body to burn more calories. However, burning calories can make a person think they are hungry, so another piece is needed to combat this effect. A balanced emotional state means better control over decision making, which means no more breakdowns for midnight pizza runs. People who take this supplement report fewer cravings, and are better able to stop eating when they are full. One could say that 5-htp is a cure for the clean plate syndrome.

That is where 5htp enters. There are many things one can do to stabilize mood, such as exercising or simply going outside every day. If that fails, there are other medical options. For those who aren’t really depressed, just a bit unhappy as anyone on a diet might be, there are many natural supplements which claim to help. But as Doctor Oz states, this is one of the best researched and well-known mood enhancers, with none of the nasty side effects one is likely to get from a less natural pill.

Of course it can’t be all good. Any time a foreign substance is introduced to the body, there must be some possible side effects. Since it does function as a mood stabilizer, people on a psychiatric medication shouldn’t double-dose. Anyone with severe depression or prior psychological disorder must speak with their doctor before starting any regime. Just like aspirin or any other pill, some people report nausea as a side effect, and pregnant women should steer clear. But compared to the laundry list of side effects that comes with most pills, the cautionary warnings for 5-htp are nothing.

Why is this the case? Why is 5htp better than most other over the counter weight loss options? Well, the most important reason is that it is not a diet pill. There is no billionaire company funding biased clinical trials to advertise it to a desperate populace. This goes back to its possibilities as a mild anti-depressant. When this was discovered, real medical labs in universities studied it for years and years, with no corporate interest. Doctor Oz mentions it mainly as a way to shed pounds, but that was only an afterthought. This supplement is really beneficial in multiple ways. That means the trials are real, the results are real. 5-htp is a great alternative to riskier ways of losing those last 5 pounds.

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